Placing an Overlaid Graphics Image
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To add an overlaid graphics image,

  1. Use the New Graphics tool on the Special Symbols toolbar. 
  2. Click on the canvas where you want the top left corner of the image. 
  3. An Overlaid Graphics dialog box pops up and lets you choose the image to use.  

You can choose between using one of the maps you already have on a canvas, or you can select a separate file. 

When you add a separate file, a copy of this file is stored inside the Condes event file, and therefore it is always available, even when you move the event file to another computer.  This also means that if you change the contents of the original external file, and you want these changes reflected in the Condes event, you need to update the contents of the Condes event file, by selecting the external file again.  This can be done without affecting the other properties of the overlaid image.