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invisibly obstructing c

Posted by tamoussaboccc 
invisibly obstructing c
April 24, 2012 04:40AM
"China takes part in a game the member of team of brigade, please tiffany jewellery canada listen to good, your games have been able to end, I represent a big match set Wei meeting, hope that you can come out on your own initiative from already concealment position, arriving the big match set Wei will report ……""Blue shield" military athletics contest set Wei meeting, for ending this don't stop, the game of multinational allied troops' utterly exhausted let is led by American delta special forces, send a helicopter, on the group of islands low altitude brush past, use the repeated call sign of Gao Yin Da Dun's trumpet a time.
Fought Xia song to clearly hear these words on the first day, at that time fought Xia song be squating down on the ground, eating to just collect of wild broad bean, he part filled into the wild broad bean and a bat that was unlucky to at the right moment fall a his hand mouth, bite"Luo Zhi" and"Luo Zhi" made ring, part once the head twisted and humed a way:"My senior high tiffany ring schoolses didn't graduate, English learned not goodly!"After three days, when Gao Yin Da Dun's trumpet of helicopter carries on a broadcasting English changes Chinese, war Xia song again cold hum a way:"Let us walk out on our own initiative on the battlefield, to what set Wei will report, this doesn't want us to be rebel and raise hand to surrender toward the enemy?Can not do it!"After seven days, Gao Yin Da Dun of the helicopter trumpet inside, spread special troops of all fifths each member, all acquaint with again however of voice, :"Fight Xia song, you do quite goodly, the game can end, you lead the member of team to come out!"Rigorous soft-voiced way:"Leader of class, that president's voice!You see ……"Fighting Xia song to hope with the sympathetic toward vision is rigorous, way:"Oral stunts, oral stunts don't you understand?Literally find out a senior spy, can complete this kind of superficial work.
This is that one is infinite to make theory for guide the game of thought, who can promise, this isn't those round Jiao we of guy, the design comes out of a wait we to bit the hook of sink well?!Said again'blue shield'the member of the military contest set Wei meeting, even if is that the hand eye is all-powerful, also isn't likely to find out our president of the fifth special troops, and invite him mountain in old man's house, orderany us to end this combat?!"Is rigorous to repeatedly nod, war Xia song says reasonablely, but rigorous still keep cannot helping but asking a way:"But, they again how can anyone know the president is our immediate superiors, they again how find out the president's orotund kind version, and take into mimicry?"Fight light Song of Xia song shoulder, way:"That only devil of a genius know, anyway this kind of matter is to be not afraid of 10,000, afraid in case of, so, we absolutely not ability very tiffany and co canada silly from have already run to go out!"Face dead to depend on to live to depend on, be don't come out on one's own initiative the battlefield takes part in a game a brigade to the big match set China that the Wei will report, owner all silly eye.
The group of islands of "blue shield" military contest base choice, but have nearly 100 square kilometers, in about ten years, train a base to throw in too many manpower material resourceses here, carried on to fix to the whole group of islands whole, make it owns various complicated battle geography, this is invisibly obstructing cooperating of 31 special forces to make track for shot more."Blue shield" military contest set Wei will the whole memberses finally pass and allow 31 special forces to return to train a base to fix whole, re- add weapon and ration, even connect the member of team whom they have already judged to fall in action in the game, can get into a match field again.

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