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Selectable punch library

Gidday Finn

A suggestion in respect of the predefined control punch data file. Our club now has 3 sets of controls;
- 1 set for SportIdent with an SI base and a punch
- 1 set for foot-o non SI with just punches
- 1 set for mtb-o (punches hang from a long cord to facilitate access to the control card fixed to the bike).

Having two or three sets might be coming common. But for course planners not used to navigating around PC folders, switching between punch files from our library is difficult and error prone.

A possible solution: Could you sometime provide a function to select the punch file to use per event just as is done with the map file?

This forum is a great idea - have already learned a few useful tricks like how to handle course data when two planners are involved for one event.

And a browse through the release notes showed that you haven't slowed down one bit in the top level of support you provide. I was pleased to note that even more of our 2003 suggestions/queries have been implemented -- not that I am suggesting we were alone in suggesting the various features and improvements. Regards

Finn Arildsen
Re: Selectable punch library
June 29, 2004 10:43PM
Hi Ken,

Thanks for your valuable input.

Condes currently supports one set of predefined punch patterns. Condes uses these patterns when it prints master control cards, and it also uses the control numbers when it suggests a control code for a newly created control.

The set of punches is stored in the file PUNCHES.DAT. As you mention, you can switch between different sets of punches by exchanging this file manually.

I know this is not an ideal situation, and it is on my list to improve this. As with all the requests on the list, I have to prioritise due to my limited time, but - as you also mention in your kind remarks - the majority of requests make their way to implementation sooner or later.

best regards,

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