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Refreshment points

Posted by Rui Botão 
Refreshment points
June 09, 2004 07:44PM

When we decide to put refreshments next to a control, we add the refreshment icon to the control descriptions (in the respective column). This is all well.

However what happens to the courses that do not have that control? The athletes will not know that there is refreshment at that point.

The alternative is to add a refreshment icon directly on the map. But in this case the little cup will also appear in the courses that have that point.

How is it possible to decide in which courses the little refreshment icon will appear? Obviously I want it to appear only in the courses that do not have that particular point.

Thank you in advance,

Rui Botão

Finn Arildsen
Re: Refreshment points
June 10, 2004 01:01PM
Hi Rui

Thanks for your comments.

You are right that the refreshment symbol on the map will appear on all courses. I have plans to make this configurable, but unfortunately, as it is right now, all such "course symbols", i.e. refreshments, first aid, out of bounds etc, are common for all courses.

When that is said, I would like to add that I have rarely (if ever) seen a situation with refreshments on a control meant to be used by competitors from other courses than those that are supposed to visit this control. By placing refreshments on a control, you somehow force competitors to navigate there, and those who don't need to drink will get an unfair advantage from not having to visit this control.

So, from a fairness point of view, I would advise that if you plan to use refreshments on a control, then let all courses that use the refreshments also have the control. Otherwise, place refreshments away from the control, but at a location that is natural for all competitors to visit regardless of route choice. With more route choices, you may have to place more refreshment points.


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