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Course Overprinting

Posted by Valerie Meyer 
Course Overprinting
March 02, 2004 07:59PM
I have a preprinted map which I want to overprint courses on with a laserjet printer. The map is 10.12" x 10.75" and the printer will print up to 12"x18". After plotting a course with Condes, I am not sure how to proceed.

If it is not too much trouble, could you give me some additional guidance.

Valerie Meyer
Quantico Orienteering Club
Arlington, Virginia
Finn Arildsen
Re: Course Overprinting
March 03, 2004 12:23AM
I think what you need to do is:

1) Make sure you have at least two easily identifiable registration mark symbols set up on the map, preferably near opposite corners of the map to ensure the best registration.

2) Change the printer settings to the relevant paper size in File / Setup Printer.

3) Use the Print / Overprint Courses menu item to print the actual courses; use the "Print Registration Marks" button to print registration marks onto the map, then adjust the position by using the "Drag Course" arrow buttons, and (if necessary) subsequently the "Rotate Course" arrow buttons.

This is the very brief version, but when in the Overprint Courses dialog, you can use the Help button or the F1 key to get more detailed on-line instructions.

Re: Course Overprinting
March 17, 2004 07:13PM
Okay, I got the paper size thing figured out. I guess this would be easier if I got the OCAD file which was used for the initial map printing. The one I have does not have the registration marks on it.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Course Overprinting
March 18, 2004 11:13PM

Yes, it is essential that the map file you use matches exactly the printed map.

I have several times worked with people to sort out a problem which turns out to be that the map file has been changed compared with the printed map.

It's hard to believe, but cartographers apparently have a habbit of teasing course planners by making subtle changes, such as moving a registration mark slightly. No, I'm just joking. I know mappers have good reasons for the changes that they make to map files. However, it might be a good idea to point their attention to the fact that such changes can be the cause of much confusion.

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