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forks in relay courses

Posted by Rainer 
forks in relay courses
April 04, 2011 05:37PM

I'm planning a course for a relay race and I have two question concering forking the couses.

I'm not able to create forks directly one after one. If I try to do this the previously created fork will be deleted. Is this not possible?

Second problem is that I want that all last runners have the same last fork. The forks before can be differt!
e.g. we have four forks AAAA
Now I want that the first two runners can have only A or B in the last fork and
the last runners all have C as last fork.

Finn Arildsen
Re: forks in relay courses
April 04, 2011 06:48PM
Hi Rainer,

You are right - it is required to have a "common" control between two forks. This is because all teams, when all runners have finished, not only need to have run all controls, but also all legs between controls.

If two forks don't have a "common" control between them, then there will be a lot of different legs between the last controls in the first fork and the first controls in the second fork.
There will be many more different legs than runners on the team, so it will be impossible to say that all teams have run the same course legs.

In order to have a separate branch for the third leg of the relay, you create a "leg fork". In the leg fork, you designate leg 1 and leg 2 to take branch A, and leg 3 to take branch B. This is configured in the dialog window when you create the fork. This dialog window has instructions.

Also, in the "Sample Condes Event" file that comes with the Condes installation, has a course called "relay with leg fork", which illustrates this concept.

Don't hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
How to bind forks
April 07, 2011 01:38PM
I'm planning a relay and want to use multiple "bind forks" e.g.
I want.


but not


How do you get two "bind forks" associated with each other in
CONDES. Must be in a menu somewhere, but I cant find it.
Finn Arildsen
Re: How to bind forks
April 07, 2011 01:58PM
Hi Graeme,

Condes supports coupling of forks, so all forks that are marked as "bind", will be automatically coupled, resulting in Condes always choosing the same branch from all these forks. Configuring a fork to be a "bind fork" is done in the window that pops up when you create the fork, or when you double click on the top or bottom of the fork.

Condes supports one coupling only on each course.

For Condes 9, I'm working on a feature to exclude variations. This would let the user configure which variations to include and which to exclude. Does this sound as a solution applicable to your case?

Best regards,


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