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Merge or import event data?

Posted by Laurie Rose 
Merge or import event data?
January 08, 2004 02:53PM
A clubmate and I have split the planning for an event - he's doing some courses and I'm doing the rest.

Although there's an export function, I can't see any way in Condes to merge his exported data or WCD file with mine, in order to create a single, combined list of all courses and sites at the event. (We need this for the controller)

Is this possible? If not please consider this for a future release.

Finn Arildsen
Re: Merge or import event data?
January 08, 2004 04:12PM

Hi Laurie,

You can copy controls and courses from one event file to another via the clipboard.

This is done from the "Event View" - which is the window with three panes (controls, courses, and classes) that opens first, when you open an event. It may "hide" behind the map window, so you might want to close the map window.

You can open both event files at the same time and place their "Event View" windows side by side

1. Select the courses or controls you want to copy, then use Ctrl+C (or Edit / Copy).

2. Select the Event View window for the event that is to receive the courses or controls, and click Ctrl+V (or Edit / Paste).

You should be aware that this will not copy any course leg properties -- ie. if you have bent a course leg, this information will not be copied.


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