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Additional text

Posted by Dennis Hooton 
Additional text
August 17, 2005 11:54PM
I have used the additional text to indicate that there is a crossing point after the control. However the same control is used on another course but then does not use the crossing point. Is it possible to select the additional text for certain courses only?


Finn Arildsen
Re: Additional text
August 18, 2005 07:25AM
Hi Dennis

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to select the additional text only for certain courses.

If, however, you enter the crossing point into the course (just as any other control), it will show up in the control descriptions with the symbolic representation of the crossing point (as from version 7.5.1) - (Currently there is no textual representation available).

Re: Additional text
June 07, 2006 11:24AM
Does this mean that it is not possible to give every course its own text? Like plot "course 1" on cource 1 and "course 2" on course 2 etc...
Finn Arildsen
Re: Additional text
June 07, 2006 02:32PM
In the UK - and perhaps also in other countries - it is often used to interleave text fields into the control descriptions, for example "Take care when crossing road", or "Courses close at 17.00" or "Safety bearing North".

The "Additional text" is a field associated with each control, which allowas you to add a text for the control. This text will then be shown in the control description, underneath the control. This means that the text will appear on all courses that visit the control, and the text will be identical for all courses.

This does not mean that you cannot have a course specific text ("Course 1", "Course 2" etc) on the map. This text will appear in the control description header, or, if you configure that you don't want control descriptions on the map, as a separate text.

The menu "Course Overprints" / "Settings" / "Control descriptions" allows you to configure if you want control descriptions on the map or just the text that identifies the course.

In version 8, which I am working on, you will have more options to configure texts, and format these texts individually.



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