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Pre-defined punch set

Posted by Dave Brown 
Pre-defined punch set
November 21, 2003 12:30AM

I have attempt to use the pre-defined system without any luck. I can create the predefined patterns on the File:common settings area but I do not know how to share them with other events. There is a punches.dat file but it is only 2 bytes! and what do I have to do to re use the punches on a new event. Hope you can help

Dave Brown
Finn Arildsen
Re: Pre-defined punch set
November 21, 2003 09:27PM

Hi Dave,
You are right, the "predefined punches" are stored in the PUNCHES.DAT file.

These punches are used by all events and all controls, for which it is specified that they "use predefined punch set".

Unless you remove the checkmark (on the "Punch Pattern" in the control dialog) for a specific control, it will use the predefined punch pattern, provided that one is defined for the relevant control code.

Re: Pre-defined punch set
November 28, 2003 05:04PM

Thyanks for the advice. I now seem to have mastered the use of the Pre-defined punches.

On the same subject however, why is it that when a new pre-defined punch is created the apply button becomes active, if the button is pressed all punches dissappear!

Is there a reason for this.

Thanks for a wonderful program

Dave Brown
Finn Arildsen
Re: Pre-defined punch set
November 28, 2003 08:00PM

Thanks for your kind words, and for providing feedback.

The "Apply" button behaviour, unfortunately, is a program error. I'll provide a correction in the next coming Condes update.


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