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"between" and textual descriptions

Posted by Laurie Rose 
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I'd like to use a rather nice "between" control on a junior course where - in the UK at least - we use textual descriptions rather than symbols.

Is there a way for this to appear as "between " rather than ", between" when he descriptions are printed?

Finn Arildsen
Re: "between" and textual descriptions
January 16, 2005 11:22PM
The textual description is just a simple listing of the "names" of the symbols in the description. Unfortunately this has the less desireable effect for the "between" symbol that you mention.

There is a "trick", which you can use if you use the control ONLY in textual descriptions.
1. Omit putting any symbols in the description.
2. Enter the complete text for the description in a text field ( by designating the field as a text field (use the "3x5" button in the small toolbar and enter the text in the edit box in the same toolbar).

This will give you full control over the text displayed for the control, but is - as it requires that you omit symbols - only useful for textual descriptions.

best regards,
Thanks. This control will also be used on adult courses so I'll need the symbols too, but I can print them separately.
You can also export the control descriptions into OCAD. Use the text editing feature there.

Drawback is that you are now commited to using OCAD