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relay variations

Posted by Bruce 
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relay variations
November 27, 2004 11:32AM
I am planning relay courses for an international competition next year. I have courses that have 4 sections and 2 variations in each section. Section 1 variation A is always linked with section 3 variation A, section2 with section4 etc. giving four course combinations AA(AAAA), AB(ABAcool smiley, BA(BABA) and BB(BBBcool smiley. Is there a way for Condes to ignore the other 12 variations?

Finn Arildsen
Re: relay variations
November 27, 2004 11:39AM
Unfortunately, Condes does not currently have support for linking sections. There certainly is a need for this, and I have plans to add this feature.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you an estimate on when this will happen as the list of new features is very long -- but I'm working hard.

In the mean time, all of the various export and printing functions let you select the variations that you want, so that you can weed out the unwanted variations at export or print time.