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Mountain bike O - extra leg line

Posted by Kim Kasperski 
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Hi Finn
I am using version 9.6.1 and I was just checking things out in the software (I am updating a beginner's Condes manual for our club).
When I created a mountain bike course i could not see the extra leg lines that are described in your help file, that one adjusts to set and then calculate the optimal route length. Although what did appear, which I did not think belonged, was a dot in the center of the control circles as if I had selected a ski-O course (and the box for a dot in the center of a control circle was not checked in the control / circle dialogues). I am sure I am missing something obvious...
Finn Arildsen
Re: Mountain bike O - extra leg line
November 13, 2017 11:26PM
Hi Kim,

The feature to calculate the course length along the logical route choice is no longer limited to MTBO courses.
You can select the route choice mode by clicking on the "Select route choice leg" tool in the toolbar. This tool lets you define the route choice for each leg. Don't forget to configure length calculation to "calculate along route choice" for all relevant courses.

It is correct that Condes draws a dot at the centre of the circle for MTBO courses by default. Isn't this correct behavior? I believe this has been the behavior for a long time. If you don't like this, a workaround is to configure the course as a "normal course".

Thanks Finn!
About the dot in the circle - i am sure you must be right.