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Mandatory crossing on one canvas only?

Posted by Patrick 
Hi. Is it possible to have a mandatory crossing that only appears on one canvas? I have a situation where one course requires a crossing, while a junior course has an adjacent control but doesn't cross the feature in question. Currently the circle for the junior control is largely obscured by the crossing symbol. I tried making a new canvas just for the course with the crossing, but this doesn't solve the problem. If I choose 'Separate Controls' in the Setup Controls dialog then I lose all the control locations. If I choose 'Linked Controls' then deleting the crossing from any canvas removes it from the event. This is the case even when I uncheck 'Always Use the Same Symbols' (which has the side effect of removing the OOB from the canvas).

I've hunted for a workaround, but can't find anything that isn't going to involve separate event files, which I don't really want.

Many thanks.

Finn Arildsen
Re: Mandatory crossing on one canvas only?
September 20, 2016 11:40PM
Hi Patrick,

The behaviour that you describe IS the current behavior, I'm afraid.

Crossing points are shown on all courses. A crossing point can even be added to a course similarly as a control, so that the leg line leads through the crossing point.

As for linking between canvases, crossing points follow the same behavior as controls. So if controls are "linked" between canvases, then crossing points are too.

There seems to be an inconsistency in the text describing the linking of course symbols (out-of-bounds etc). The text indicates that crossings follows the behavior of course symbols. This is not correct. At least not currently.

Back to your situation ... If I understand correctly, then the ideal solution would be to be able to omit a given crossing point on a given course. This would add some complexity in the handling of crossing points. Let me give this some thought.

The short term workaround, unfortunately, is to temporarily delete the crossing point when you print the junior course. You can "copy" the crossing point to the clipboard, delete it, print the junior course, and "paste" the crossing point back again.


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