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Map Change

Posted by Michael 
Map Change
September 03, 2016 11:52AM
I want to have a map change at an event for beginners. Its MTBO with no descriptions and we like to avoid codes too - in fact we have old-fashioned clippers with 1, 2, 3.... on them. They will do the first part of the course which brings them back to the start. Then if they are capable they will carry on to the second part (which will be a second map, perhaps on the back of the sheet). S and F are in the same place for simplicity and we don't want any marked routes. There will only be 25 participants if we are lucky.

Following the help for a map change, I've made a single course with "S" in the middle of it, and I can print or export a pdf just fine for the first (up to the "S") and second part of the course (from there to the end). I have one problem left - the first part has a dashed line for the last leg to the "S". For the second part I have been able to define "F" as "no markings" which makes it a solid line. But what is causing the dashed line in the first part?

Maybe this isn't best way to supply a 2-part course to beginners, any suggestions to overcome my obstacles or do it some other way?
Finn Arildsen
Re: Map Change
September 04, 2016 11:25PM
Hi Michael,

The reasoning behind showing a dashed line to a start point inside the course is that a start point indicates the "start of navigation". Thus, the leg just before the start point would be a leg without "navigation" and therefore a marked leg. This reasoning may not always apply, and perhaps I need to rethink this and add an option to configure.

My interpretation of your setup, however, sounds more like two individual courses, rather than one course with a map change. Sort of a one-man relay, perhaps. So I would propose to set it up either as two courses, or as a relay course with two legs, and a fork that stretches from start to finish.

Re: Map Change
September 05, 2016 06:26AM
Yes they ARE two courses, maybe I should have asked the simpler question: how can I number Course 2 as say 13,14,15... (instead of 1,2,3...)?

I can't understand how a two-leg relay would give me what I want. And being tricky will not satisfy my long-term goal - to delegate map preparation away from the map-maker to the planner. I am trying to do the same for rogaines. I've been preparing maps in OCAD and of course I can do anything I like there - but most club members don't have access to OCAD. But I do understand that the number of course planning variations is limitless and you can't handle them all.
Finn Arildsen
Re: Map Change
September 05, 2016 10:16AM
Hi Michael

I have checked and found that the route from a control to a new start point (with our without map change) somewhere in the course is shown as a marked route. In that sense it behaves similar as a route to en "end of marked route" point.

I can see how this behavior does not fit the purpose of the course you are setttng, and I'll consider how a more flexible solution can be introduced in a future release.

You are absolutely right; the one-man relay option essentially creates two separate courses. A course data export has the combined course - which is an advantage when using electronic punching. A re-read of your original message reveals that this is not the case here, so the one-man relay option is less relevant.

Currently, there is not an explicit option to number controls on a course starting from e.g. 13. However, there is a way to circumvent this problem: You can create a number of random-order controls and include these as controls 1-12, then drag them outside the map. As you don't have descriptions, then there's no issue with removing the superfluous controls from the control descriptions.


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