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Same controls on different canvases

Posted by Adrian ZIssos 
I run some beginner clinics where we have two short exercises on an airphoto and then a third exercise on a "proper" orienteering map. I create two canvases - one with the orienteering map, and one using a satellite image from, say, Google maps. I would like to be able to use the same controls for all of the exercises - which means I need to put controls with the same codes on each canvas.

But I don't know how to set the same world coordinates for the two 'maps' - which aren't even at exactly the same scale.

I think it is probably not possible to accomplish this in the current Condes - or is it?

I wonder if we need some crazy way to say that each canvas has its own set of controls? And then it would be up to the course planner to ensure that controls with the same number are in the proper location on both canvases? Or is that a can of worms not worth opening??
Finn Arildsen
Re: Same controls on different canvases
April 21, 2016 09:28PM
Hi Adrian,

It is important to note that, internally, Condes stores control locations by their "paper" coordinates, not by their real-world coordinates.

So when you have two maps that aren't just scaled versions of the same map, and you need use one or more of the controls on both maps, then you "unlink" the controls between the maps.

By default, controls on all canvases are "linked" to canvas 1. To unlink, use he Canvas / Controls menu, and the setting that is called "Use separate control coordinates for this map".

When you create a control with the same code on two canvases, it is still the same control "object", and it has only one control description, but it has different coordinate settings for the two canvases.

There is of course a consideration if the maps are not exactly equal, that the course length are different on each canvas. Condes uses only one length, namely the one calculated on canvas 1. That is, if all controls actually exist on canvas 1. If the course spans multiple canvases, where some controls are on one canvas, and other control are on a different canvas, then the total length is accumulated from the "segments" of the course from the relevant canvases.


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