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I've never posted on here before and I don't know if this has been discussed before, so apologies if I'm repeating something from earlier.

One feature which I often miss when using Condes is the ability to scroll horizontally using the mouse wheel.
I use a program called Inkscape where it is standard behaviour. It works like this:
    [*] Vertical scrolling: just the mouse wheel (as in Condes already)
    [*] Horizontal scrolling: shift + mouse wheel (in Condes this is the zoom)
    [*] Zooming: control + mouse wheel (in Condes this is also the zoom)
Once you get used to using this, it makes navigating a map very quick, especially if you've zoomed in to see more detail. The cursor can stay where it is, speeding up your workflow.

If you have the spare time to add a feature like this to a future version of Condes, I would very much appreciate it and I assume that other people would as well once they get used to the new behaviour.

Finn Arildsen
Re: Feature Request: Horizontal Scrolling with Mousewheel
April 14, 2016 07:54PM
Hi Mehmet,

Many thanks for your feedback and for the suggestion to add a horizontal scrolling function. This is a good idea, and as you mention it is important to make sure that it will works intuitively.

Best wishes,

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