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Turn over map for part 2

Posted by Dave Tookey 
Dave Tookey
Turn over map for part 2
April 20, 2015 11:57AM
I have a Blue course with a map exchange at control 14. How do I add the text "Turn over map for part 2" at the bottom of the control descriptions to the output from Print / Maps with Courses?

I have tried adding the text to the control itself, but it then also appears on the second part as well, which looks silly. I'm hoping there is a simpe way to this but I can't see it.


Using v9.0.14. Files attached.

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Finn Arildsen
Re: Turn over map for part 2
April 27, 2015 09:43PM
Hi Dave

It is possible to add an additional free text row in the control descriptions for a control and for the leg between two controls.

In order to have a "Please turn over" text associated with the map change control, then this text will also be shown on both parts, as you have noticed.

In order to avoid having the text on part 2, we need to create a control descriptions object that is specific to part 2, and configure this control descriptions object to start at the control following the map change control.

So, start by creating a new control descriptions object, using the "new control descriptions" tool. Then double-click on the control descriptions to configure it. On the "what" pane, set the part to "part 2", and the start row to row 2.

The existing control description similarly needs to be configured to be shown only on part 1.

I hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the feedback. I should have explained that the control for map exchange on Blue is a normal control on courses, so I can't just add additional text to the control itself unless that can be made course-specific.
Any other thoughts? As a workaround, I have added "At 14 turn over for part 2" on the leg from 13 to 14 and made that specific to the Blue course. This is ok, but I was hoping for a result whereby the row "Turn over for part 2" appeared after the map exchange control.
Kind regards
Finn Arildsen
Re: Turn over map for part 2
April 30, 2015 04:53PM
Hi Dave

Unfortunately, there are no means to add a specific text to a control that is only used if it is a map exchange control.

What you CAN try, though, is to create a start point that is collocated with the map Exchange control, and enter this start point into the course after the map exchange control. This would allow you a control that is used only on the courses with map exchange, and you can add a text to the (very short) leg between the map change control and the start point. In fact, in this case, the start point would be the map change control.

Alternatively, you can add the text on the map exchange control, print part 1, and then remove the text and print part 2.


PS: I'm not sure the "fathers" of the symbolic control descriptions system would approve of the texts that we add to the control descriptions. It seems somehow contradictory to the purpose of an international system that does not require knowledge of any languages. ;-)

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