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relay: forks within leg forks?

Posted by Nic Gorman 
relay: forks within leg forks?
February 06, 2015 02:47AM
I'm currently setting a 3-leg relay where each leg is a different distance, so therefore using 'leg forks' to create the Long, Medium and Short leg. Of course being a relay I also want to have a number of 'normal forks'. Obviously I can only have 3-way forks on the parts of the course that are common to all 3, but I would also like to have 2-way forks on parts of the course that are common to (e.g.) Long and Medium, or Medium and Short. Is there a way I can create this in Condes? It seems that once I have created a leg fork, I'm not able to add a normal fork within it.

What I think may be the solution is that if I can assign one branch of a leg fork to more than one of the Long, Medium and Short variations, but I'm not sure if I'm able to do that and if so, how.

Nic Gorman
Finn Arildsen
Re: relay: forks within leg forks?
February 06, 2015 01:55PM
Hi Nic,

Your understanding of the relay concept is absolutely correct.

In order to insert a 2-way fork into a branch on a Leg fork, two legs need to be assigned to that branch. When you create the leg fork, a "leg distribution" window pops up. It shows a diagram with branches A,B,C, and the legs 1,2,3 assigned. You can move a leg from one branch to another by dragging the leg number with the mouse. For example, drag 2 from branch B to branch A, and you will have 1 and 2 under branch A.

The "leg distribution" window can be opened at any time by double clicking on the "blue" part of the leg branch once you have selected the leg fork.

I hope this is helpful.

Yes, thank you, exactly what I needed to know. Sometimes with any software the hard part isn't figuring out whether or not something should be possible or not, but knowing the mechanics about how to do it. I think I was on the right track but I'm sure you have saved me a day or 2 of false starts...smileys with beer

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