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Climb distance disabled when course leg cut; cutting relay legs

Posted by Greg Hawthorne 
Climb distance disabled when course leg cut; cutting relay legs
September 26, 2014 11:18AM
Hi Finn,

When a course leg is cut, the calculated climb remains in the "Climb for course leg" dialog box, however the "Value is valid" check box is de-selected, so has to be-rechecked to get a valid value for course climb. As far as I can see, this behaviour is not documented in the Help for climb. I realise it is possible for the leg to be altered when it is cut, but the normal situation would be for the climb to remain unchanged, so I think it would be better to have the climb to be retained when a leg is cut.

Also, in relays, if a leg is cut for a specific variation (and flagged as specific to that course), it is also cut for other variations that have that leg, even though the cut might not be applicable to the other variations.
Hi Greg,

There is a "climb valid" checkbox for each "direction" of the course leg, and it is used by the course planner to indicate when a valid value for climb has been entered.

You are right that the "climb valid" box will be automatically unchecked when you alter a course leg, by adding or moving points. Similarly this box will be unchecked if you move one of the controls that the course leg connects.
The reason for the automatic uncheck of the "climb valid" box is that when a course leg is changed, then probably the climb will also change. So this is a help for the course planner to remember checking the climb when the course has been changed.

You are also right that merely cutting a course leg will not change the validity of the climb. The current design will invalidate the climb for _any_ change to the course leg. I will look into making this behavior more intelligent.

The course leg appearance can be specific to a given course (or common with other courses). However, it is currently not possible to define a specific course leg appearance for each variation of a relay course. Unfortunately, this is a design limitation that is not simple to change.


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