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EPS export and page size

Posted by Kenny Dowling 
EPS export and page size
August 24, 2010 12:45AM
When EPS is exported, while a view of the EPS (e.g. with IrfanView) shows just the required area, upon creating a PDF via Acrobat Distiller, the default page size specified in Distiller kicks in so that we get whitespace added. This means that in a production environment that uses PDF (most nowadays) the white space has to be excised at extra cost and time which also introduces the possibility of error.

Distiller says:
"Default Page Size
Specifies the page size to use when one is not specified in the original file. EPS files give a bounding box size, not a page size."

Condes Help under 'EPS | Select which area to export' advises how to arrive at the required bounding box size for a map. No problem there.

Condes Help under 'EPS | Page Setup' states that th ebounding box wil change according to the instructions given. But surely the bounding box size has been determined under 'Select which area to export'? So shouldn't the determination in the Page Setup section be the physical page size. Certainly when reading this section, it seems that is what is intended e.g. "This means that if there is room for more than one course on the same page, Condes will fill up the page with different courses." And the reference just above to Portrait & Landscape orientation imply to me that it is the physical page size being considered.

Yet it appears that the physical page size is not being passed through in the EPS file as I am finding that the Distiller default kicks in every time. So is the bounding box size being adjusted in the 'Page Setup' as well as in the 'Select which area to export'? And if so, shouldn't it be the physical page size?

Regards, Kenny confused smiley
I did find a workaround using Acrobat on the resultant PDF. This saves some time in excising the white space pre imposition on a sheet (some imposition software such as Quite Imposing may have an option for this).

I found Acrobat's cropping function has an option to automatically excise white space with a single tick. Worked beautifully.

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