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A couple of control description questions

Posted by Peter Stewart 
Hi and thanks for a great tool.

1) Is it possible to edit the text that is generated automatically for textual control descriptions?

2) Is it possible to change the size of the control description box (e.g.10% smaller like you would get by dragging a corner in windows applications?

I had some problems with Map scale. I was given an OCad6 file that was set to 1:15,000 but the scale was actually 1:5,000. I worked around this by setting the print scale to 1:15,000 too. When I later got the OCAD with the correct scale, reading the ocad file the symbols and control descriptions were all giant size.

I then started from a new condes file, and loaded all the controls and courses. On attempting to move the control description (on the map) before saving Condes crashed. This caught me out twice - I keep gettng sent map updates at the wrong scale! It would be really useful to be able to over-ride the map scale setting in Condes?


Finn Arildsen
Re: A couple of control description questions
May 28, 2010 11:48PM
Hi Peter

I'm glad to hear that you have good use of Condes.

1) You can enter your own textual description for a control. On the control dialog - the one where you can configure the symbolic description for the control - there is a tab called "Texts, score-O, and status". This tab allows you to choose between using the automatically generated text, and a manually entered text. The automatically generated text is formed from the names of the symbols. If you need to change the symbol names, close the event file in Condes, and use the "Symbol" menu.

2) You can resize the control descriptions on the map by double-clicking on it and using the "Appearance" tab to change the box side length. When printing separate control descriptions from the Print / Control descriptions menu, there is a field in the dialog that lets you choose the box side length.

I'm sorry to hear about the crash. I'll look into this. If you are able to reproduce the problem, please let me know the details.

I have noted your request to be able to override the map scale from the OCAD file.

Best regards,
Thanks Finn,

Those two problems are sorted out.

The crash is repeatable for me, I have attached a screenshot of the Windows "Game Over".
Create a new event
Load map etc.
Don't save the file yet
Select controls, select all, copy all info
Select courses, select all, copy all info
Select a course that has a control description on the canvas.
Select the control description block and try to move it.
Game over!

I'm on XP 2002 SP3, in case that is relevant.
It's a shame I can't copy the details out of the crash log for you.

One more question. On a course where I have deleted the control description off the map, is it possible to get it back again?


open | download - Crash.jpg (227.2 KB)
Finn Arildsen
Re: A couple of control description questions
May 30, 2010 06:23PM
Hi Peter

Thanks for the detailed description of how to reproduce the error. By following the description, I was able to pinpoint the problem. The problem will be corrected in the next intermediate release in a couple of weeks.


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