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turning point on a leg

Posted by Laurie Rose 
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turning point on a leg
January 08, 2004 03:34PM
(Another question - yes I'm a novice to Condes).

How do you create a leg that (for example) has to go around an out-of-bounds area?

If I put "mandatory crossing point" controls at the corners then the Control Description is OK but the map print has unwanted )( symbols.

If I put "marked route" controls at the corners the map print is OK but I get unwanted O--------> boxes in the Control Description.

Unless I'm missing something obvious, this needs a new type of control that doesn't create a symbol on the map or a control description, but just shapes a leg between one actual control and the next.
Finn Arildsen
Re: turning point on a leg
January 08, 2004 04:05PM

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for asking. It's valuable for me to get this kind of feedback so that I can get new ideas for how to make Condes simpler to use.

You can bend a leg line by adding a point to the line, and dragging this point as necessary.

1. Select the leg by clicking on it
2. Select the "Add point" tool from the toolbar at the right (a purple box with a "+" sign in it)
3. Click on the leg, and keep the mouse button down, then drag the corner point to the needed location.

You can add as many corner points as you need to the leg, and you can move existing corner points by just clicking and dragging them.

The "mandatory crossing point" is - as you found out - meant for the situation where you want to indicate the crossing with a crossing point symbol. And the "end of marked route" is for when you mark part of the leg with streamers that have to be followed.

Re: turning point on a leg
January 09, 2004 01:01PM