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Number format for score event

Posted by Ken Dowling 
Number format for score event
November 15, 2009 04:26AM
I want to display just points for a score event.

But need control ID and points on the All Controls printout for control placement and checking.

I select Code and Points (see "Condes all ctrls" attached) in Setup Overprint and this is supposed to apply unless I override for a particular course.

Then for course CN #4 I select points only (see "Condes course ctrls" ) and that is what I get (also visible in the screen shot).

But in All Controls it also is points only (see "Condes all ctrls layout" .

Even when I go back and reselect Codes and Points in Setup Overprint, it stays at points only unless I change the course selection.

Regards, Ken
open | download - Condes all ctrls layout.jpg (66.1 KB)
open | download - Condes all ctrls.jpg (61.6 KB)
Finn Arildsen
Re: Number format for score event
November 15, 2009 11:22AM
Hi Ken,

The format of the number shown next to the control circle is controlled via the "Course Layout" / "Setup Overprint" menu. THere is a setting for "normal courses" and a setting for "score O" courses. These settings apply to all courses (but not to "all controls"), and can be overridden for a given course by using the setting in the course window for the course (double click on the course name in the navigation bar to the left of the canvas).

On the "All controls" view, you always get "Code only". This view is unaffected by the number format settings, i.e. the number format settings in "Setup Overprint" apply only to courses, not to "All controls".

When you need a view with all controls showing codes and points, you can create a score O course, which has all controls, and where you override the event setting and set number format to "code and points" in the course windos.

Best regards,
Ah, I understand Finn. I was seeing 'All Controls' as a pseudo course.

Thanks, Ken


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