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2 part maps - control numbering

Posted by Elizabeth Furness 
I'm sure this is obvious but my head hurts!!
I've created Green Pt 1 (and managed to get text to say 'Turn over your map' ) and Green Pt 2 as separate courses but ofcourse the Green Pt 2 starts the numbering of controls from 1. I want it to start at 12. Is this possible or have I gone about it the wrong way?
Finn Arildsen
Re: 2 part maps - control numbering
August 26, 2006 06:48PM

It's not at all obvious, and a more intuitive way will be introduced as soon as I can.

However, for now the way to do it is:

1) Create the entire Green course as one course
2) In the edit window for the control with map change (this is also where you set the symbols for the control) , set the control type to "Control with map change".
3) Use the Print / Print Courses menu. For the Green course, you'll see a small "+" box next to the course name, click on the + box to expand the course into parts, which you can print individually.
Re: 2 part maps - control numbering
August 27, 2006 04:03PM
Marvellous. Thank you. My head has stopped hurting!

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