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Condes support

This is where you can write questions and comments about using Condes. You can also write your ideas for others to use. I will try to respond as quickly as I can. 

Mandatory Crossing Points

Donald Grassie1,04107/01/2005 12:33AM

Re: Mandatory Crossing Points

Finn Arildsen20007/01/2005 08:15AM

Scanned Images Coordinates

Peter Guillaume51906/12/2005 10:08PM

Re: Scanned Images Coordinates

Finn Arildsen21606/12/2005 10:52PM

Re: Scanned Images Coordinates

Finn Arildsen22206/18/2005 12:25PM

Forked Control

Vallerie Meyer56205/31/2005 07:19PM

Re: Forked Control

Finn Arildsen20105/31/2005 07:37PM

Re: Forked Control

Valerie Meyer21305/31/2005 07:56PM

Printing problems

Gregor MacFarlane2,83105/12/2005 08:38PM

Re: Printing problems

Finn Arildsen24905/12/2005 10:26PM

Re: Printing problems

Gregor MacFarlane37505/22/2005 09:35PM

Download problem

Iain Shepherd55105/11/2005 12:22AM

Re: Download problem

Finn Arildsen24905/11/2005 08:06AM

export All Course Listing

Laurie Rose53204/05/2005 09:20PM

Re: export All Course Listing

Finn Arildsen20004/05/2005 09:29PM

Re: export All Course Listing

Laurie Rose19105/04/2005 05:54PM

Reset number position on controls

Iain Shepherd52104/27/2005 10:58PM

Re: Reset number position on controls

Finn Arildsen35404/27/2005 11:14PM

Custom text color

Valerie Meyer46704/18/2005 04:14PM

Re: Custom text color

Finn Arildsen20104/18/2005 10:38PM

control discriptions

vasyl43305/15/2004 12:04PM

Re: control discriptions

Finn Arildsen21205/15/2004 02:26PM

Re: control discriptions

Andreas Lückmann20204/11/2005 08:36PM

BOC 2005 logo

John Warren48203/04/2005 08:37PM

Re: BOC 2005 logo

Finn Arildsen19603/05/2005 10:21PM

Some kind of error

Eduards39803/02/2005 09:14AM

Re: Some kind of error

Finn Arildsen28403/02/2005 10:09AM

condes and printing

Dennis Hooton42802/24/2005 05:25PM

Re: condes and printing

Finn Arildsen18102/24/2005 05:35PM

Part 2 numbers

Bruce Bryant43011/27/2004 11:35AM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Finn Arildsen19411/27/2004 11:47AM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Laurie Rose19402/11/2005 04:18PM

Re: Part 2 numbers

Finn Arildsen20102/11/2005 06:30PM

Additional Text on overprints

John Warren45002/05/2005 05:14PM

Re: Additional Text on overprints

Finn Arildsen24302/05/2005 06:22PM

Deleted controls

Iain Shepherd53002/02/2005 10:51PM

Re: Deleted controls

Iain Shepherd22302/02/2005 11:12PM

"between" and textual descriptions

Laurie Rose45701/16/2005 10:03PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Finn Arildsen20401/16/2005 11:22PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Laurie Rose22001/17/2005 06:29PM

Re: "between" and textual descriptions

Jim Lewis23301/25/2005 12:51PM

relay variations

Bruce50611/27/2004 11:32AM

Re: relay variations

Finn Arildsen19511/27/2004 11:39AM

duplicate controls

Dennis Hooton40111/16/2004 03:47PM

Re: duplicate controls

Finn Arildsen19711/16/2004 08:11PM

streger forsvinder

Asger Jensen44510/29/2004 10:55AM

Re: streger forsvinder

Finn Arildsen19010/29/2004 12:08PM

Re: streger forsvinder

Asger Jensen19710/29/2004 12:17PM

Selectable punch library

Ken Dowling, Wheatsheaf, OZ48706/28/2004 11:29AM

Re: Selectable punch library

Finn Arildsen20806/29/2004 10:43PM

Refreshment points

Rui Botão48106/09/2004 07:44PM

Re: Refreshment points

Finn Arildsen2,05706/10/2004 01:01PM

Renaming controls

Rui Botão47905/06/2004 03:56PM

Re: Renaming controls

Finn Arildsen25405/06/2004 10:58PM

Re: Renaming controls

Rui Botão26005/11/2004 05:45PM

Taped routes

Dennis Hooton50201/21/2004 12:00AM

Re: Taped routes

Finn Arildsen21501/21/2004 12:06AM

Re: Taped routes

Marcel Schiess20903/24/2004 09:36PM

Re: Taped routes

Finn Arildsen22604/01/2004 10:24PM

Additional Text Font Size

Valerie Meyer49303/22/2004 01:10AM

Re: Additional Text Font Size

Finn Arildsen21303/22/2004 06:01AM

Course Overprinting

Valerie Meyer48103/02/2004 07:59PM

Re: Course Overprinting

Finn Arildsen20403/03/2004 12:23AM

Re: Course Overprinting

Valerie Meyer19903/17/2004 07:13PM

Re: Course Overprinting

Finn Arildsen21403/18/2004 11:13PM

Dimension of the feature

Valerie Meyer46903/17/2004 02:23PM

Re: Dimension of the feature

Finn Arildsen19603/17/2004 05:40PM

Re: Dimension of the feature

Valerie Meyer19903/17/2004 07:11PM

Control Descriptions

Andy C55203/02/2004 11:01AM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen25603/02/2004 02:41PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Andy C25503/08/2004 03:26PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen25603/08/2004 04:25PM

Re: Control Descriptions

Andy C25903/09/2004 11:07AM

Re: Control Descriptions

Finn Arildsen25303/09/2004 04:52PM

Control card tools ?

JP_France60203/03/2004 08:35PM

Re: Control card tools ?

Finn Arildsen22303/03/2004 10:13PM

Re: Control card tools ?

JP_France22503/03/2004 10:36PM

Re: Control card tools ?

Finn Arildsen23203/03/2004 11:35PM

Re: Control card tools ?

JP_France23403/04/2004 07:43AM

Start triangle

Dennis Hooton87802/11/2004 12:06AM

Re: Start triangle

Finn Arildsen21502/11/2004 02:20AM

Re: Start triangle

Dennis Hooton25802/12/2004 01:27AM

Control descriptions

Roger Smith57401/24/2004 05:16PM

Re: Control descriptions

Finn Arildsen25901/25/2004 09:56PM