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Welcome to course planning with Condes!  This page gives you an overview of the possibilities.  Please take a  look at the many possibilities, and then continue with How to get a quick start  and Introduction to on-screen course planning.

Keep in mind that you can always press F1 to get help that is relevant to where you are in Condes.

Course planning with Condes

Condes helps you by doing the tedious task of keeping track of controls and courses, and by printing the courses and maps.

Condes stores all the course planning data (controls, coursese, classes, etc) for an orienteering event in a Condes event file (a WCD file).  You define a number of controls, which can be combined into courses.  The information about a control is shared among all the courses that visit the control.  When you modify the control or move it, all courses will be implicitly updated.  This means that data is always "consistent", and you can concentrae on the creative task of designing good courses.


Condes uses map files, either an OCAD file, or a bitmap file (BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG/TIF), for example exported from Adobe Illustrator.

Multiple Canvases

An event file has 5 "canvas"-es that you can use to design different page layouts at the same event.

You can have the same map on all canvases, or you can have different maps on each canvas.

The same controls and courses can be shown on different maps, by configuring canvases accordingly:

  • If the courses extend across two maps, you can place the two maps on each their canvas.
  • If you use two different maps at different map scales, you can place them on two canvases.

Graphics Layout

In addition to setting up the course on the map, Condes lets you add texts and graphics from existing files, so that you can compose an attractive layout adapted for the event.

You can add standard texts and free format texts.

A standard text is for example: course name, event name, map scale... A Free format text is anything you type.

For graphics, Bitmap files (BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG/TIF), Windows metafiles (EMF/WMF), and OCAD files (OCD) are supported.

Control Descriptions

can be printed on the map or separately, as pictorial or textual.

Course Planning

You plan your courses with the map on the screen. Condes helps you keep track of the control sites. Condes ensures that when you move a control, all the courses that use the control will be kept up to date.

Condes supports:

  • Individual courses (Foot-o, Ski-o, MTB-o, Trail-O)
  • Relay courses (extended FARSTA)
  • Courses with loops (one-man relays, butterflies)
  • Calculates course lengths and control site loads
  • Shows attack angles for each control, unused controls etc.
  • Punch patterns for pin punches and Emit backup slips
  • Prints course name and/or relay team number on the back of the map

Map and Course Printing

Condes can print the courses and maps on a color laser or ink jet printer.

Condes can print multiple maps on the same page. You can fill up the page with copies of the same course, or you can print different courses on the page.

Condes can print maps and courses with "overprint" effect, which allows underlying details to be visible that would otherwise be covered.

Relay Teams Handling

In a spreadsheet style window, you can enter the relay teams, and you can assign course variations to each team member.  Condes can "populate" the teams, or you can enter the course variations manually.  Condes uses a sophisticated algorithm to ensure maximum variation between teams.

When you have finalized the teams, you can:

  • export the teams to the event administration system for punch checking.
  • print individual maps for each team member, with the team number and leg number on the back of the page.

Course Data

Condes exchanges data with an event administration system

  • You can export course data for punch checking.
  • You can import relay teams from the event administration system, then assign course variations to team members, and export the relay teams with the assigned course variations back to the event administration system.

The file format used is the IOF standard, XML based.


Condes can print listings of the information that is stored for an orienteering event:

  • All controls
  • All courses
  • All classes
  • Control/course relationship
  • Relay variations
  • Proposed relay team combinations

Course Overprinting

Condes can also print the courses onto existing offset printed maps.

Course Layout Export

Condes can export maps and courses in four different formats:

  • PDF format for digital and offset printing
  • EPS format for offset printing.
  • OCD format for import into OCAD,
  • BMP/JPG/PNG/TIF format for posting on the internet.