How to use the same punch patterns for more events
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If your club owns a set of control stands, you can store the punch patterns for these control stands, and reuse the patterns for later events. 

Condes call this a set of "Predefined punches".

How to configure the predefined punches

Before using the predefined punches, they need to be configured.

  1. To configure the patterns, use the "File" / "Standard settings for this PC" menu, and then select the "Predefined punches" tab. 
  2. The dialog "Predefined Controls' punches" appears.
  3. Using this dialog, you can control where the punches are stored, create new punches; as well as modify and delete existing ones.

How to use the predefined punches

For each control you can configure that the control will use "predefined punch" pattern, or you can enter an individual pattern for the control.  The individual pattern will be specific to the event file that the control belongs to, whereas the "predefined punch" will be the same for all events on the PC. 

This is configured by the "Use predefined punch set" setting in the individual control's Control Dialog.

Note: The punches file remain on your PC, and the predefined punch patterns are not copied to the event file, so if you copy (or e-mail) the event file to another PC, the predefined punch patterns remain on your PC.  You need to copy the punches file to the other PC for Condes to use these punches on that PC.

Read more about the predefined punch patterns in the Predefined Controls' Punches dialog help item.