How to use status flags to keep track of markings in the forest
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For each control in the database, there is a set of flags that can be used to keep track of markings in the forest.   The use of these flags is an optional feature that you can use or skip as you find most useful.

The flags are called:

At any time you can set or clear each of these flags.  

So, as you flag each control site in the forest with a streamer or a marking tag, you can set the corresponding flag in Condes to keep track of which sites are flagged.  Likewise, the two other flags can be used to keep track of when the control flag has been placed, and when it has been collected.

You can set a flag by using the appropriate check box on the "Status and Additional Text" tab of the control dialog.  Alternatively, you can select the control in the Course Layout Editor, and use the right click menu "Control site status" to inspect or set the flags.

The "Controls Spreadsheet" report has a column for each flag, where an "X" indicates that the flag is set for a control.