How to split control descriptions on the map
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It may sometimes be difficult to find room for the control descriptions on the map.  Therefore, it may be necessary to split the control descriptions into parts.  

Condes provides two different ways of splitting control descriptions:

To control the splitting of control descriptions into columns:

    1. Select the control description by clicking on it.
    2. Resize the height of the control description by dragging the black "selection marks" at the corners of the control description.   The control description will automatically spill over into more columns to adapt to the new height.

To split control descriptions in parts to different locations on the map:

    1. Create a control description at each location where you want a part of the control description placed.
    2. Double click on each of the control descriptions, and select in the Control Descriptions dialog the range of controls to be shown for each part, for example for the first part choose from Start to control 5, and for the second part from control 6 to Finish.