How to handle Map Exchange
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If you have a course with map exchange, Condes can print the course and control descriptions in multiple parts.  There is no limit to the number of map changes on a course.

Create a course that cover different maps

There are some scenarios that automatically introduces a map change on a course.  Consider a scenario with multiple maps, for example covering adjacent areas, placed on Canvas 1 and Canvas 2.  You can place different controls on the two canvases and you can create a course which uses controls on both canvases.

This can be used to create a course that starts with some controls on the map on Canvas 1, then finish with some controls on the map on Canvas 2.   A map change obviously takes place when you go from Canvas 1 to Canvas 2.  It is possible to create a control that appears on both canvases, if the mapped areas are overlapping.  This control will then be the "automatic" map change control.

When printing, you first select Canvas 1, and print the course, then select Canvas 2 and print the course.

Create a course with map change between two copies of the same map

In this case, you create the course just like any other course.  Do not split the course - put all the controls on one complete course!  On the screen, you will see the entire course.

When you know exactly where the course is to have its map change, then indicate this by pointing to the control and selecting the menu item "Control" / "Map Change".  There is also a "Map change" item in the right click pop up menu.

Printing the parts of the course or control descriptions

When you want to print the individual parts of a course with map change, use the menu item "Print" / "Maps with courses".

In the course list, the courses with map change have a "+" to the left of them, to indicate that they have multiple parts.

When you click on the "+", the course expands and shows a list of its course parts.  In this list, check the individual course parts that you want to print.  There is even an "Entire course" item in case you want to print the entire course.

When you print from the Course Layout Editor, the printout will show the entire course.  This printout is not intended for competitors, but for course planner and vetter.

Different kinds of map change

Map change at a control

In the simplest case, when you have a map change at a control, designate that control as the "map change" point on the course. This control will appear on both parts of the course.

Map change at an intermediate point

In this case, you create a start triangle located at the map exchange point, and you insert the start triangle into the course similarly as you insert any other control.  Then designate this control as a "map change" point on the course.

In general, when you insert a start point inside a course, Condes will assume that the route from the previous control will be marked with streamers, so the leg line will be shown with dashes.  This is also valid in this case.

The start point will be shown only on the second part of the course. The first part of the course will show a marked route away from the previous control, and the control description will show "marked route to map exchange".