How to handle courses
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Create a new course

Create a new Course by using the New item in the Course menu, or by using the "New course" shortcut on the standard toolbar.

Edit a course

Edit the currently selected Course by double clicking on the map in the Course Layout Editor; or double-click on the course name in the Courses' section of the Task Bar to the left of the map canvas in the Course Layout Editor.

A course window will open, and it will allow you to change the controls of the course, and/or any other data stored for the course.

Delete a Course

Use the menu item Course/Delete to delete the currently selected course, i.e. the one that is currently shown on the screen in the Course Layout Editor.

Duplicate a course

A course can be duplicated from one event file to another by first copying it to the clipboard, and then pasting from the clipboard, either into the same event or into a different event.

Within the same event file, you can also duplicate a course by creating a new course, and indicating that you want a copy of an existing course

Copy a Course to the clipboard

When the course is shown on the canvas, use the Edit / Copy menu item to copy the course onto the clipboard.  The course will be placed on the clipboard in two different formats - 1) a graphical format that can be pasted into any Windows applications that accepts the EMF format - and 2) a binary format that allows you to paste the class into another Condes event.

Paste a Course from the clipboard

You can paste a course that has previously been copied onto the clipboard by using the Edit / Paste menu item.