How to create a relay course
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How to create a relay course

While you can "draw" a normal course by clicking on the control circles that you want to include in the course, when you want to create a relay course, you need to use the Course dialog.

The Course dialog works with existing controls, i.e. you cannot create new controls while in the Course dialog.  This means that before opening the  Course dialog, you need to create the controls by using the "New control" tool

When you have created your controls (not necessarily all of them, as you can iterate the process as needed):

    1. Create a course using the menu Course / New Course. 
    2. Open the Course dialog for the course by double-clicking on the map, or by right-clicking on the map and select "Edit course" in the pop-up menu.
    3. Configure the number of legs on the relay team.  This is done in the left column of the Course dialog for the course.

Add a fork to the relay course

Use one of the "insert fork" buttons to the right of the course "pane" to insert a fork into the relay course:

The fork will be insert at the "insertion point", indicated by a purple insertion bar.

Add controls to the branches

You can now insert controls into the branches. 

    1. Move the insertion bar to the relevant branch,
    2. Select the relevant control code from the controls in the control pane
    3. use the "insert control button" or double click on the relevant control code.

Configure a leg fork

To configure a leg fork, double click on the blue part of the fork. This brings up the Leg Distribution Dialog, where you can configure which legs will run which branch.  See more details on the Condes Relay Support page.