How to change the map on a canvas
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The Create Event Wizard is an easy way to set up a new event file.  It lets you select one or two maps and place them on Canvas 1 and Canvas 2.   But what if you need to change the map, or what if you didn't put a map on Canvas 2 and now need one?

Don't worry, you can later change the selections you made in the Create Event Wizard.

Change the map on a canvas

If you need to change the map on a canvas, first select the canvas from Course Layout Editor toolbar, then use the menu Canvas / Map. This will open the Setup Map dialog.

This dialog is used to configure which map is shown on the current canvas.  This is also where you can change the map scale (when using a bitmap file) and the print scale.

Change the controls used on a canvas

Normally, you use the same controls on all canvases.  So when you move or change a control on one canvas, the changes are reflected on the other canvases as well.   

Sometimes, this is not what you need.  For example, you can use two canvases for maps of adjacent areas, so that courses can start on one map and continue on another.  

With the Setup Controls dialog you can configure how controls "behave" on a given canvas.  Most importantly, you can configure if the control coordinates should be linked with other canvases or not.  Even if you don't use the same control coordinates as another canvas, there is still only one set of controls for the event.  And the same control can be configured to show on two different (overlapping) maps.

This dialog also lets you configure if the same cutting of the control circles should be used, and if the same course symbols should be used.

Use the Canvas / Controls menu to get to the Setup Controls dialog.