How to calculate course lengths
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The course length is shown in the header of the control descriptions.  It is also part of the exported course data in the XML file to the event administration system.

You can enter a course length manually, or you can let Condes calculate the course length. 

To configure which option you want to use, there is a "Length" section in the Course dialog.  A checkbox setting controls whether Condes uses a calculated course length or a (free) text that you enter.  Additionally, there is a checkbox that controls if the length should be calculated along the logical route choice

Calculating the course length

Condes calculates the length along the leg line between the controls.  This calculation is based on the co-ordinates of the controls, including start and finish points.  Co-ordinates are measured at 0.01 millimeter accuracy on the map.

Condes uses the map scale when converting the course length from millimeters on the map to meters in the terrain.  It is important for this conversion that the map scale is entered correctly.

If the course includes a "control" designated as a mandatory crossing point, the course length calculation will take this into consideration and include the additional length due to the crossing point.

Condes also takes into consideration the shape of the line connecting the controls, i.e. if the line has been "bent" to avoid covering features on the map, this will affect the course length.

Finally, in case you want to include the distance from the time start to the start of navigation (the start triangle), you can assign this distance to the start point by entering the value in the appropriate field of the Control dialog for the start point.

Course length along the logical route choice

For some courses, the course length should be calculated along the logical route choice. 

To use this option, you need to draw the route choice. This is done in the Course Layout Editor.  Select the relevant course and use the "Route choice" mode.  You draw the route choice line for each leg on the course. 

It is important that the route choice line is drawn for each leg, otherwise the course length calculation will not be correct.

To use the course length along "route choice", check the appropriate box in the Course dialog as shown above.