How to bend the leg line between two controls
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Occasionally, you want the course leg line between two controls to bend, for example to avoid an out-of-bounds area.

  1. Select the course leg by clicking the mouse on the leg line.  The leg line will now appear in red color, and the end points will appear as small black rectangles.
  2. Add a corner point to the line by first selecting the Insert Point tool on the Course Edit Tools Toolbar, then click on the course leg where you want to insert the point.
  3. A black rectangle will appear on the course leg to indicate a corner point. 
  4. Now press and hold the Ctrl key to drag the corner point with the mouse to the location where the line should bend.  If you do NOT press the Ctrl key, the point can be moved, but will remain on a straight line.  (This can be used to create "invisible" segments of the line) .

The appearance of a course leg can either be

    1. common for all courses, or
    2. specific to a given course

In the former case, Condes will remember that you want the leg to bend between the leg's two endpoint controls.  Condes will draw that course leg the same way for all courses that use the leg.

If you want the leg to be specific to a given course (the latter case), you can double click on the leg line, and in the dialog box that pops up, you can choose that the leg should be specific to the selected course.   This can be useful, for example if a leg goes straight through a control later on this particular course and therefore needs to be cut or bent only on this course.