How to correctly align courses exported to OCAD
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When you export a course file from Condes, and import it into OCAD, the first question OCAD will ask is whether you want to "Place using mouse" or "Place with offset".

If you choose "Place using mouse", OCAD will let you drag your course with the mouse until it fits correctly on top of the map.   This may be tedious and not very accurate, especially if you have many courses that you want to import.

If you choose "Place with offset", OCAD lets you enter a set of horizontal and vertical offsets in millimetres.  The course will then be offset from its original position by the distance that you enter. 

Both of these options could be tedious if you had to do it over and over again for each course...

A better alternative would be if the course already has the correct co-ordinates when you export it from Condes, so that you can choose "Place with offset" in OCAD - leave the offsets at 0 - and the course will still be placed at the correct location.

If you use an OCAD map file, Condes and OCAD uses the same co-ordinates, so this solution is straight-forward, and you don't need to do anything.

However, if you use a bitmap file, or you have moved the OCAD map, then this is still possible, by using co-ordinate translation, so read on...

The translation is done by means of a common registration mark:

  1. Working in Condes with the course prepared, choose a reference point on the map near the top left corner of the map, preferably at an existing registration mark on the OCAD map. 
  2. Create a registration mark in Condes at this reference point.
  3. In OCAD, read the co-ordinates of the reference point (use the mouse and read the co-ordinates in the status bar).
  4. In Condes, use the menu Export, then choose Export Courses to OCAD
  5. Click on the "Coordinate translation" button.
  6. In the Coordinate Translation dialog box select the "Translate" option, and enter the co-ordinates from item 3, then click OK

Condes will save the co-ordinates with the courses, and will remember them also next time you open the event file.

Please note that Condes saves a separate set of translation co-ordinates for each map file, so if you use different canvases and different map files, make sure to enter the translation co-ordinates accordingly for each canvas.