New End of Marked Route (Course Layout Editor Toolbar)
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Click the "New End of Marked Route" button on the Course Symbols Toolbar to create a new End of Marked Route point.   Then click the mouse on the map where you want the End of Marked Route to be located.  A dialog box will appear and let you enter a code for the End of Marked Route point.

An "End of Marked Route" point is used when you have a marked route away from a control.  The "End of Marked Route" point indicates where the markings end, and is inserted into the course after the control where the route starts.

The marked route is shown on the map as a dashed line, and the line should be manipulated with corner points so that it reflects the route in the terrain.

The coordinates of the new End of Marked Route point will be automatically saved.

If you select the new End of Marked Route point by clicking on it, then click the right mouse button, and select the menu option Properties, you can enter details, such as the type of markings from last control.