Select Course Object (Course Layout Editor Toolbar)
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You use this tool to select Course Editing mode in the Course Layout Editor.

The Course Layout Editor has three modes:  Course Editing mode, Graphics mode, and Route Choice mode.

When you have selected Course Editing mode, you can manipulate controls, course legs, refreshments, out-of-bounds, and other course overprinting symbols.

To edit the properties of an object (for example the control description of a control or the marking type of a course leg):

  1. double-click on the object to open the dialog box window where you can edit the properties.

To move a control or another course symbol:

  1. click on the object to select it.
  2. click and hold down the left mouse button inside the control's circle.  Then drag the circle to the new position.

To move a control's number:

  1. first click on the control circle to select it.
  2. then click and hold down the left mouse button over the number and drag it to the new position.