Print Control Descriptions dialog
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Use this dialog select print control descriptions separately from the map anc course.

To the right in the dialog there is a list which shows the available classes and courses.  You can select a class or a course by checking the box next to the name of the class or course.

If you check "Classes" header, all existing classes will be printed.  If you check the "Courses" header, all existing courses will be printed.

You can select as many courses and/or classes as you like.  Condes will try to lay out the pages so that as many control descriptions as possible will fit onto each page.

If you select only one course, Condes will fit as many copies of the control description for that course onto one page.

If you check a relay class or course, all relay variations for the course will be printed.

Relay classes and courses will have a + box next to the name.  Click the + to expand the class or course into the various relay variations.  You can then check the variations that you need.

For courses with map exchange, Condes will print a separate control description for each individual part of the course.

The Box side length box allows you to scale the size of the printed control description.  The standard size of the individual boxes in the control description is 7 mm.