Print master control cards dialog
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This dialog is used to select which master control cards to print.  Master control cards can be printed if each control has been assigned a punch pattern.

To the left in the dialog there is a list which shows the available classes and courses.  To the right there is a list of the currently selected classes and courses to be printed.

You can select a class or a course and transfer it to the list of selected items by clicking on the item and then click the Add button.

If you "add" the "Classes" header, all existing classes will be added to the selected list.  If you "add" the "Courses" header, all existing courses will be added.

If you "add" a relay class or course, all relay variations for the course will be added to the selected list (indicated by the variation numbers in parentheses after the class or course name).

For courses with map exchange, Condes will print only one master control card, covering the entire course.