Overprint Courses dialog
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Use this dialog when you want to overprint courses onto existing maps using an ink or laser printer.

Here is how to print:

  1. To the right in the dialog there is a list of the available courses.  Select the course you want to overprint.
  2. Place a map in the printer.
  3. Use the arrow buttons in the left section of the dialog to calibrate the course to the map.  See below and see also How to calibrate the printer for overprinting.
  4. In the middle of the dialog is a picture that illustrates the location of the course relative to the the printable area on the paper sheet.  This figure should help you place the course correctly so that it matches the map on the paper page.
  5. The printable area is shown as a light yellow rectangle, and on top of that the outline of course area is shown as a white rectangle, in which the course is shown.  When you use the arrow keys to move the course, you will see the white course rectangle move relative to the yellow page rectangle.
  6. You can also use the Preview button to inspect the course layout on the screen before plotting it.
  7. Finally, click the Print button to start printing.


Select a course by clicking on the name of the course.  You can select to plot a map with all controls by selecting "all controls" in the list.

If a course is a relay course, a "+" box is shown to the left of the course name.  By clicking the "+" box, the course expands, all course variations will be shown.  You can print an individual course variation by selecting the variation number.

Drag course  / Rotate course…

This section of the dialog is used to calibrate the printer.  The registration marks are used for this calibration.

When you use the arrow buttons at the top of the dialog, you move the printout vertically or horisontally.  By doing this, you drag "the course" to the correct position where the Fixpoint Reg.Mark should be printed. 

Then you use the "turn left" and "turn right" arrow buttons associated with Rotating Reg. Mark to rotate the course.  The course will now "rotate" around the position of the Fixpoint Reg. Mark.  The step length is 1/10 degrees, 1 degree, or 10 degrees, respectively, following the step length selector.

You can also use the "right angles turn" arrow buttons to align the course along the horisontal and vertical axes.  These buttons will turn the course to the nearest 90 degrees right angle.

If the map is slightly off scale (if the scale of the map in the computer and the printed map are not exactly identical), you can use the "up" and "down" arrows with the Moveable Reg. Mark to move the pen away from or towards the Fixpoint Reg. Mark, thus growing or shrinking the course slightly.  These buttons are not available if you have checked the "lock scale" box.

You can adjust the step length to one of three values by using the step selector (keys 5, 6, and 7 on the keyboard).

Print one copy

Print the selected course

Print multiple copies

Print multiple copies the selected course.  A dialog will let you enter the desired number of copies.

Print registration marks

Print a page with only the registration marks.  The registration marks will be placed exactly as they would if you printed the course.   This feature is intended to help verify that the printout is placed correctly, without printing the entire course.


Preview the printout of the selected course.


Close this dialog