Print Maps with Courses dialog
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Use this dialog when you want to print maps and courses.

The right part of the dialog shows a list of the available courses.  The left part of the dialog has the settings that control the printing.

Selecting which courses or classes to print:

You can select a course or class for printout by checking the box next to the name of the course or class.  You can select as many courses or classes as you wish.  If you select the "Courses" heading, one copy of each course will be printed.  If you select the "Classes" heading, one copy of each class will be printed.

If a course is a relay course or it has loops, a + box is shown to the left of the course name.  By clicking the + box, the course will expand, and all course variations will be shown.  You can print an individual course variation by checking the box next to the variation number; or you can print all variations by checking the box next to the course name.

If a course has one or more map exchange(s), a + box is shown to the left of the course name, or course variation number.  By clicking the + box, the course will expand, and the course parts will be shown.  You can print one or more parts by clicking the box next to the part number, or you can print all parts by checking the box next to the course name (variation number).

Select from which canvas to print:

This dialog prints maps from each canvas separately.  First select which canvas to print from.  If a course spans multiple canvases, you need to print each part separately.  Unfortunately, Condes does not (yet) support printing from multiple canvases onto the same page.

Printout scale

If you wish to change the printout scale, you need to use the Setup Map dialog from the relevant canvas.

Selecting which area to print:

Condes offers three options as for which area to print:


Which area is printed?

Defined print area

Condes will print the area that is defined for the current course and canvas.

Use the Course Layout / Show/Hide Print Area menu item to see the print area. 

Click on the frame to drag / resize the area.  Double click on the frame to select whether this print area is common for all courses, or each course has its individual print area

Entire canvas area

Condes will print the area that is defined by the boundaries of the canvas.

Area covered by course

Condes will print an area that is defined by the coordinates of the extreme points of the course (including control descriptions and registration marks, but excluding special course symbols etc.)

Control descriptions and course symbols (out of bounds, refreshments etc) will be shown if they fall within the boundaries of the above mentioned print area.

Selecting how many copies to print of each course:

You can choose between One copy of each course, and Fill page with copies of course

If you have selected "One copy of each course", Condes will try to fit the course to print onto as few pages as possible.

This also means that if there is room for more than one printout on the same page, Condes will fill up the page with different courses.

If the print area is too large for one page, you can check the box Print max. 1 page of each course if you do not want the course to spread across multiple pages.

In order to print a text page (as configured in the Setup Text on back of map dialog) on the back of the map, you need to check the Print class/course name on reverse side box.  This option is available only when you limit the output to one page per course.

On the other hand, if you have selected "Fill page with copies of course", Condes will print only what fits within one page of each course, and it will fit as many copies of the course as will fit onto the page.

When laying out multiple courses (or multiple copies of the same course) on a page, Condes will apply a layout method that will optimize the use of the space on the page, and at the same time make cutting the courses from each other as easy as possible.


This value controls how much spacing will be put between multiple printouts on the same page


This value controls how much the printout will overlap onto adjacent pages, when the printout is split onto multiple pages.
Printer drivers do not always provide Condes with accurate information on the printable page size, so without overlap, it may happen that there is a gap between what is printed on two adjacent pages.

Print all selected courses on the same map

This is an option to use if you create training exercises with multiple courses on the same map.

Print Map

Check this box if you want the map to be printed with the course.  If the box is left unchecked, the course will be printed without the map.

Center printout on page

Check this box if you want to center the printout on the page.  If this box is left unchecked, the printout will be aligned with the top left corner of the page.

Printer landscape

If this checkbox is checked, the printouts will be printed in landscape orientation (versus portrait orientation), i.e. the longest side of the page will be at the top.

Use "Windows Color Management" to convert OCAD map colors

This option controls how Condes converts OCAD map colors from the CMYK colors in the map file to the RGB colors that are needed by Windows to render the map.

When this option is checked, Condes will use the Windows Color Management system for the conversion.  When this option is unchecked, Condes will use a simple algorithm for the conversion.

You may want to experiment with printouts for your printer in order to determine which option works best for you.


Print the selected course layouts

Print preview

Preview the selected course layouts


Close this dialog