Course Layout Editor
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The Course Layout Editor is a graphical editor for on-screen course design.  The Course Layout Editor is also known as the CLE.

The Canvas and the Navigation Bar

The main portion of the Course Layout Editor window is called the Canvas, and this is where the map and the course are shown.

Anywhere on the canvas, you can use the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu that gives you options depending on the circumstances.

To the left of the canvas is a Navigation Bar.  The navigation bar has three panes, which you switch between by clicking on their headings:  "Controls", "Edit Courses", and "Browse Courses".  

The navigation bar controls what is shown on the canvas:

When "Controls" is selected in the navigation bar, the canvas will show all the control locations on the map. 

When "Edit Courses" is selected, then the course which is highlighted in the course list is shown, and you can edit this course; add controls to, and delete controls from the course, edit the graphics layout for the course, and edit the route choice lines for the course.

In the Course Layout Editor, the course will normally appear in the color "magenta", regardless of which color you have configured Condes to use when printing the course overprint on a printer.  Under certain circumstances, other colors are used to highlight the control or the course.

When "Browse Courses" is selected, then multiple courses can be shown on the canvas at once, allowing you to get an overview of course layouts. 

Each course is shown it its own colour so that you can distinguish courses from each other.


You can create a control, a start point, or a finish point, by selecting the appropriate tool in the Course Symbols toolbar to the right of the canvas, then click on the canvas where you want the control (or start or finish) to be located.

If you want to move a control's circle or control number, you need to select the control.  Click inside the circle. Four black squares will appear at the corners of the enclosing rectangle for the control, and the control will change color to blue.  This indicates that the control is selected.

When a control is selected...


You can create a course by right clicking on the canvas and selecting the menu option New Course, by selecting the appropriate tool in the main toolbar, or by using the main menu option Course / New.

When a course is selected and is shown on the canvas, you can double click anywhere on the canvas to open a Course dialog window where you can manipulate various properties of the course, including the controls that are on the course.

When you have created a course, you can "draw" the course by using the "Insert Control" tool.  See for example Introduction to on-screen course planning

When a course leg is selected...

Graphics Layout

You can design a graphics layout for a course, consisting of texts, external graphics elements (bitmap files or map files).  You have the following tools to choose from:  Text, Overlaid Graphics, Mask Area, Condes Logo.   You can place "objects" of these types onto the canvas.  These objects will appear above the map, but below the course.  You can move the objects up and down in the so-called Z-order, meaning that you can move one object in front of or behind another. For each object, you can select whether this object is visible on all courses on the canvas, or only the currently selected course.  This allows you to adapt the layout to each individual course.

In addition to this, there is also the print area frame, which you can modify to fit the course, or keep identical for all courses on the canvas. The frame width and color can be modified to suit your need.

This allows you to create elaborate graphical layouts so that the combination of map, course and graphical layout can be used directly for printing.

Browse Courses

The Browse Courses mode in the Course Layout Editor lets you see multiple courses simultaneously.  Each course is shown with a different color, and you can select/unselect each course individually via the navigation bar to the left of the canvas.

Course mode, Graphics mode, and Route Choice mode

The Course Layout editor has three "modes": Course Editing mode, Graphics Editing mode, and Route Choice mode

The three modes exist to facilitate editing without accidentally selecting and moving the wrong type of object. thus:

You select the mode by choosing the "Select Course Object" tool or the "Select Graphics Object" tool.


There are four toolbars associated with the CLE:

In addition there is the Condes standard toolbar

Each of these toolbars are described below.

Course Edit Standard toolbar

Above the canvas is the Course Edit Standard toolbar.  It lets you choose between the five canvases supported by Condes, and it shows which course and variation is currently shown, as well as the zoom level and the course length.



Select Course Object

Select Graphics Object

Select Route Choice Line

Insert Control

Insert Point

Remove Point

Add Cutout Point

Toggle Segment

Cut Segment


Tape Measure

Course Edit Tools toolbar

The Course Layout Editor has a toolbar at the right border, which lets you select among the tools you can use to design the course and the course layout.

Course Symbols toolbar

This toolbar has the tools to draw symbols that are normally used on a course, such as controls, start points, finish points, end of marked route, control descriptions, refreshment point symbols, registration marks, mandatory crossing symbols, first aid symbols, forbidden route symbols, Out of Bounds area, and boundary lines.

Graphics toolbar

This toolbar has the tools to insert graphics objects, such as  texts, masked areas, overlaid graphics, and Condes logos.

Condes Standard toolbar

The following buttons in the Condes standard toolbar are particularly useful in the Course Layout Editor:



Zoom in on the course layout

Zoom out from the course layout

Set the zoom level so that the course fits in the window

Lock/Unlock controls locations.  When this button is depressed, control positions are "locked", and cannot be changed by dragging the circles with the mouse.

Press this button to switch on/off the configurable printout area for the course (or for "all controls").

Press this button to "dim" the background map in order to better see the course.