Classes Spreadsheet
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The classes spreadsheet is an Excel-like spreadsheet, which lists all the classes, and their attributes.  Each class has a row, and each attribute has a column.

You use the Classes Spreadsheet to edit the class data.  Double click on a cell in the spreadsheet to edit the value.

These are the class attributes:

Class name

The name of the class.

Course name

The name of the course that this class runs.

Control descriptions

Select if you want pictorial or textual descriptions.

Competitors estimate (Optional)

You can enter an estimate of the expected number of competitors to be used to calculate the course load and the control sites load.

For a class running a relay course, the number entered should be the estimated number of teams.  For common controls on the relay course, Condes will accumulate the number of competitors on each team.  For branch controls, the correct fraction of team members will be accumulated.