Text dialog
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This dialog is used to edit the properties of a text rectangle. 

A text rectangle is shown on top of the map.  It can have text that you enter, or it can have standard texts, such as Event Name or Map Scale.  A text rectangle can be specific to one course, or it can be used by all courses.

The following are the properties that you can edit in this dialog:

Text is used on

Select either "All courses" or "Only this course"

Text is

Select either "Standard text" or "Entered text"

For "Standard text", check the boxes of the standard items that apply.   For "Entered text", enter the text in the edit box.



Left, centered, right, or justified.


Click this button to select the typeface, size, and color for the font to be used.

Text color

Click this button to select the color of the text.

White background

Check this box to put a white background in the rectangle that surronds the text.


Check this box to put a frame around the text.

Internal Margin

Enter the margin between the text and the border of the surrounding rectangle.