Predefined Controls' Punches dialog
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This dialog lets you control a set of predefined pin punch patterns.  The predefined pin punch patterns could for example be the punches of the control stands of your club.

The pin punch patterns is stored in a file on your PC.

The standard file name for the punches file is "Condes standard punches.DAT". The standard location for the file is the folder for Condes event files, which you configure in the Folder Settings dialog.

In this dialog you can set the name of the punch file that Condes uses, and you can add, delete, modify, and print the punches in the predefined set.

Note that the punches file remain on your PC, and the predefined punch patterns are not copied to the event file, so if you copy (or e-mail) the event file to another PC, the predefined punch patterns remain on your PC.  You need to copy the punches file to the other PC for Condes to use these punches on that PC.

For more on this topic, consult "How to use the same punch patterns for more events"