Circle Dimensions
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This dialog is used to set up the dimensions of control circles on the currently active canvas

Note: The settings in this dialog apply for all courses on the active canvas shown at the top header of the dialog.  If you would like to configure one of the other canvases, first select the relevant canvas from the drop-down list.

Radius dimensions are measured in millimeters at 0.01 mm precision.

Use dimensions from canvas X

This setting appears only when you have chosen in the Setup Controls dialog to use control coordinates from another canvas.

Check this option if you want to use the same line widths and circle dimensions as on the original canvas.  If you modify a line width or circle dimension, this will be reflected on both canvases.

if the print scale of the map differs between the two canvases, then dimensions on this canvas are scaled proportionally (stretched/shrunk) with the print scale.  For example, if the original canvas uses print scale 1:15,000, and this canvas uses print scale 1:10,000, then dimensions used on this canvas are those configured on the original canvas, but increased by 15/10 = 3/2 = 50%.

Control circle radius

controls the size of the control circles.   The IOF standard is 3 mm.   Condes keeps two different settings for the control circles' radius:

    1. The "On a course" radius is used when a course is drawn. 
    2. The "On the "all controls" map" radius is used when Cones draws a map with all controls, and in the "Controls" mode in the Course Layout Editor.  If you have many controls close together on the "all controls" map, it can be difficult to distinguish the circles, and in this case it may be a good idea to use a smaller radius for the circles on the "all controls" map.

Start radius

controls the size of the start triangle by defining the distance from the centre to one of the corners.

Finish radius (inner and outer)

controls the size of the finish circles.

GET from My Standard Settings

Click this button to set all the values in this dialog to the values that you have saved as your own standard settings.

SAVE to My Standard Settings

Click this button to save all the values in this dialog as your own standard settings.

Reset to Condes Standard

Click this button to reset all the values in this dialog to the Condes standard values.