New Course dialog
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You are about to create a new course.  Enter the name of the course and click OK.  

Course name

The name of the course.

Course type

The type of the new course:

Normal course: Ordinary course

Score O Course: The course consists of a number of controls which can be taken in random order and which each gives a number of points.  The course is drawn without connecting lines between controls, and with the number of points for the control next to the circle.  The number of points is assigned to each control in the control's dialog under "Status and Additional text".

Mountain Bike O Course: This course length of a MTB-O course must be measured along the optimal route choice.  Therefore, this type of course has an extra "leg line" from start to finish, which is used for length calculation only.  Manipulate this line to follow the optimal route choice.  The line will NOT be shown on printouts.

Ski O Course: A ski-O course has dots to mark the center of the control circle.

Trail O Course: The control descriptions for Trail O courses displays "A-B", "A-C", "A-D", or "A-E", in column B instead of the control code.  The text indicates the number of markers placed in the terrain for this control.

String Course: In the terrain, the course follows linear features and is marked with streamers.  Controls are placed on the marked route.  On the map, the course is drawn as a line from start to finish.  Controls are marked with circles as usual.  The length of the course is calculated along the marked line.

String Course with Controls:  Similar to String Course, except that controls are not necessarily placed on the line, but on adjacent features.  The length is calculated as the sum of beelines between controls.

Copy of

Use this box if you need to create a course which is very similar to an existing course.  In the box, select an existing course, of which you want to create a copy.  Leave the box blank if you do not want the new course to be a copy of an existing one.

Course used on these canvases

This allows you to configure if the course is used on only one canvas or on multiple canvases.   This is an option to organize your courses, so for example courses that must use a 1:10,000 map will be associated only with the canvas that has the 1:10,000 map, and thereby eliminate the risk for printing the course on a map at the wrong scale.