Import Relay Teams dialog
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Using this dialog, you can import relay teams as XML (eXtended Markup Language) format files.  The format has been specified in the IOF Interface Standards project, and you can find more information on the IOF home page at under the menu IOF / IT Commission / Interface Standards project.

This can be used to transfer relay teams from an event administration system in the XML "TeamCourseAssignments" format.  For more information, see Relay Team Assignments

First, Condes will prompt you for a file name for the file to import.

If the file contains data in the correct format, Condes will then present the teams and show which teams are already in the Condes relay teams database, which teams are changed, and which teams are new.   You can then select those teams that you want to import, and these will then overwrite the data in the Condes relay teams database.