Export courses as SVG dialog
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This feature lets you create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.  An SVG file is a graphics file, which you can open for example with a graphics editor or view in a web browser.  SVG files are useful when transferring courses to tracking and route choice applications, such as LiveLox.

An exported SVG file contains the course layout, and the control descriptions for a course.

Condes exports each course as a separate SVG file.  Alternatively, you can include all the courses in one file.

Export scale

This is the scale at which the courses will be exported.  If the Condes layout is at 1:15 000, this will be the default export scale.

Export all selected courses to ONE file

When this option is checked, all the selected courses will be exported into one file.

The SVG file contains so-called metadata that identifies the graphics shapes as controls, leg lines, control descriptions etc.  Each control has a metadata element with the real world coordinates, when the map file is georeferenced.